Housing Plugins for Staffing Agencies

Retain top-tier talent. Provide travel nurses & clinicians with access to hundreds of furnished homes and apartments near their assigned hospital...for free!

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Generate income from our revenue sharing model

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Restrict access to your travel professionals


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Why Just Middies?

Operate faster & leaner while delivering value to your workforce

Easy to Setup

We're built for speed. Within minutes, activate a beautiful portal complete with furnished rentals within our network or add plugins to your existing website that enhance the user's browsing experience.

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Dedicated Support

Your nurses and physicians receive priority support 24/7.

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Accept Housing Submissions

Currently accept housing submissions? Invite your existing homeowners to your portal and earn more. Add our ready-to-go forms to your website and we'll handle the rest.

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It's completely free! We make our money entirely from bookings and other upsells (and then share it with you).

What Our Users Say

Matthew R. testimonial
Staffing Agency Founder

We're excited for the opportunity to serve our team and provide them with furnished rentals. In the past, we would just refer them to other sites that didn't always suit their needs. Now we get something out of it and it's a win-win for everyone.

-Matthew R.

Sarah T. testimonial
Travel Nurse

I really appreciate my agency providing this service for us. It was a key factor in my choice of the current agency I work for. My transition from New Jersey to Dallas has been incredibly simple as a result of JustMiddies.

-Sarah T.

Rani K. testimonial

JustMiddies offers rapid housing recommendations that greatly assist me during my travels. They possess a keen understanding of my preferences, making it akin to having a personal assistant right in my pocket.

-Rani K.

Empower your nurses with a cutting-edge solution for housing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our housing portal offers access to a wide selection of fully furnished homes and apartments that can be booked across the country. It's designed to simplify the housing aspect of transitions.

Absolutely! Not only do your nurses and physicians have access to all homeowners within our network, you can add more homes via your website using our embeddable form. For existing homeowners that regularly house your nurses, you can easily invite them to the portal to setup their profile.

There are no setup or ongoing fees for the portal. Our platform is designed to provide value to your agency without any financial commitments. You receive a percentage of the booking amount when a traveler completes their stay.

We provide 24/7 customer support to assist you with any questions, concerns, or technical issues you may encounter.

We work diligently to maintain a high standard of quality for the homes and apartments listed on our platform. After each stay, users are asked to rate their accommodations. We regularly remove owners who don't meet certain quality thresholds.

We help onboard you. It takes less than a day and once you're up and running, you can add a link from your existing website to your portal so your travel nurses and clinicians can start booking.

Getting started is easy! Follow the link at the top of this page and we'll reach out to you with more details about our offering.